A New Controller “The DualSense” for PlayStation 5

Sony release a new controller for its new generation of console named the DualSense. Sony uncovered the PlayStation 5 controller in a tweet Tuesday. The PS5 remote controller is being transported to game designers now. So they can utilize its “extraordinary highlights” in games.

Although Sony still not show how the PlayStation 5 looks like. This is the biggest change for new controller design by Sony over 25 years history of PlayStation game consoles. The new DualSense has some changes on the inside.

The latest announced haptic feedback that replaces the previous rumble technology in previous controllers. The new adaptive triggers can adjust opposition to the triggers for different gameplay effects.

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You can also find an integrated microphone and USB-C port. There is also the new two-tone color scheme like the PSVR and a different design that gives a rounded shape for face buttons and the grips.

For the share button, they change it becomes a new create button. The new create button offers new ways for players to make epic gameplay content. And you can share it with others. Sony also will announce new details when it launches.

A few buttons on the DualSense get some light tweaks than the previous DualShock 4. For example, the PlayStation button is currently removed in the genuine state of the PS logo, while the triggers have gotten a more calculated plan than past Sony controllers.

But some features on the DualShock 4 still remain on the DualSense such as the center-mounted touchpad and the light bar. Sony still has a symmetrical controller layout with the D-pad and face buttons on the top.

For more details about the DualSense such as how much controllers cost or what kind of color you can get. It will announce close to the PlayStation 5 launching.