If you looking for a monitor for Xbox One, here is some of the top gaming monitor that you can find. During the pandemic, playing games is one of the best choices to do.

It is because we are too bored to just stay at home without doing anything. So check this out for the top gaming monitor for Xbox One.

  1. BenQ Zowie Full HD

A good monitor will make you enjoy while playing a game and it will satisfy you. Overall this is one of the best monitors for playing a game. BenQ Zowie is the best monitor with a Full HD gaming monitor.

It will boast a solid 24 LCD panel with some exceptional bonus features. The different feature that you can find in this monitor is the lightning-quick 1ms response time. It also has a combination with the industry-standard 60hz refresh rate.

What’s more, when you factor in innovation like Black eQualizer and Color Vibrance for advanced graphical settings, it is an easy decision.

The BenQ Zowie Full HD will fulfill all your needs in playing a game such as a jump in the game fast. You also can have this monitor at an affordable price.

  1. Viotek GN27C2 Curved Monitor

Viotek GN27C2 Curved Monitor combines a quality from VA panel with AMD FreeSync and GamePlus Technology for the best performance.

It offers pro-level gaming and comes with more 16 million color possibilities, exceptional versatility, and high definition graphics.

In the market, this is one of the best monitors for playing Xbox. And also it gives huge compatibility. So what are you waiting for?

  1. Sceptre E225W Ultra Thin LED Monitor

If you are looking for an affordable monitor, Sceptre E225W Ultra Thin LED Monitor is the right choice for you. You can get this monitor under $100.

It is a very cheap right for a gaming monitor. Although it is very cheap, Sceptre E225W Ultra Thin LED Monitor also has a good performance. It comes with 22 TN panel and a 1080 HD display.

So you can play Xbox One like a pro because it can fulfill your need. Moreover, it boasts some end perks like a 75 Hz refresh rate and dual integrated speakers. Also, you can game joyfully as this model is upheld by awesome customer ratings.

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  1. ViewSonic XG3220

The next gaming monitor for Xbox One is ViewSonic XG3220. ViewSonic XG3220 comes with a 4K resolution that integrates with the Xbox One X.

In addition to clear UHD designs, you can likewise expect highlights like AMD FreeSync, Black Stabilization, double integrated speakers, and others. The monitor offers flexible connectivity options with HDMI, USB ports, display, and a fully ergonomic stand for the ease and quality of the monitor.

The gaming monitor by ViewSonic also offers sharpest visuals in the industry and comes with a 3 years class warranty.

  1. G-STOR HDR IPS Portable Monitor

G-STOR HDR IPS is a powerful monitor and affordable at the same time. It comes with an 11.6 IPS panel that attaches to the top of the console.

So it is easy for you to play whenever you want. It has a design that comes in grey or black, and it is stacked with incredible choices like FreeSync innovation for falter free play and Eye-Care for cheerful gaming. An excellent contribution at a sweet price point.

So which one the best choice for you. Make sure to know about specs before you buy your gaming monitor.