The Garmin Venu was revealed in September 2019 and is accessible to purchase now. The Garmin Venu is the main Garmin watch to highlight an AMOLED display.

And it is combined with a strong determination of wellness following and general smartwatch highlights that make this watch an incredible all-rounder.

The Garmin Venu has purposed to finish that development with the expansion of an unmissable AMOLED touchscreen. Sharp and dynamic, the unmistakable showcase tips the Venu immovably into the smartwatch domain.

What’s more, as you would expect, it is upheld by respectable battery life and a full commendation of fitness features. For more details, check this review.


Garmin Venu comes in four colors and there are Granite Blue with Silver Hardware, light sand with rose gold equipment, Black with record equipment, and dark with gold equipment. When it was released, it was $349.99/AU$649 in the US and Australia.

In the UK, the rock blue alternative expenses £299.99, while the other variations will interfere with you the somewhat greater cost of £329.99.

Garmin Venu


Garmin Venu is made of plastic and silicone, with Corning Gorilla Glass 3 covering the presentation. The bezel around the showcase is made of tempered steel. And it has a pleasant scratched design.

Garmin is going with a two-button plan with its wellness watches this year. The top actual catch carries you to the action screen with a solitary tap and pulls up the easy route menu with a long press. The base catch goes about as a back button when squeezed and raises your settings menu with a long-press.

The controls are adequately simple to comprehend when you get those two fastens down. All the other things are controlled using the touchscreen. the case is little and light at simply 46.3 grams. It is not difficult to wear the entire day and night without it disrupting everything. Which is significant in addition to in the wearable world.

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The 1.2-inch touchscreen AMOLED is in reality the huge selling point for the Venu. Garmin generally utilizes transflective MIP boards in its wellness watches. Which focus on open-air permeability and battery life over soaked tones and higher goals.

The AMOLED panel is extraordinary. Blacks are profound and whites are brilliant, and the fresh 390 x 390 goal makes activities on the watch actually outwardly engaging. Whites on the presentation do become red, however just with outrageous review points.

There is an encompassing light sensor locally available as well, so the showcase will naturally acclimate to the lighting conditions. The presentation can get up to 1,000 nits, and outside perceivability is acceptable.

Garmin Venu


The Venu is an appropriately exhaustive multi-sport tracker. As you would anticipate from a Garmin gadget, there are committed profiles for a wide range of sports. Which can be separately stacked onto the watch.

You can also choose from cardio, strength preparing, paddling, or an entire host of various orders. Sprinters can follow contributions from Garmin’s Coach, a program that guides you to your objectives with versatile preparing proposals.

While exercise center attendees can request that the Venu tally their reps. However, this framework is not idiot-proof except if you are doing clear hand weight twists.

The following modes are upheld by Venu’s amazing set-up of sensors. For open-air exercises, there is GPS, GLONASS, and GALILEO ready, offering precise area following and brilliant inclusion.

The Venu rushes to get a sign and dependably follows courses, even in lush territories. Praised by the in-constructed barometric altimeter, it is likewise deft at recording landscape information across a movement. So, your rise exertion will not go unseen.


the Venu has clear savvy aspirations. Other than warnings and safety cautions. There are disconnected music support, Garmin Pay coordination, and a library of applications and watch countenances to pick from. While the potential is great.

However, there is not exactly a similar profundity in execution as a gadget like the Apple Watch can offer.

If you Paired it with a phone, it dependably conveys notices. While matching up with the Garmin Connect application is quick and smooth. Disconnected music combination is a shelter, as well. Particularly in case you are a devotee of telephone free running: with an application.

For example, Spotify, Deezer, or Amazon Music introduced, it is clear to save playlists to the watch and pair with a bunch of remote earphones. Downloading through Wi-Fi can take a short time and the Bluetooth association some of the time stammers with bigger arm developments. Yet the listening experience is comprehensively impeccable.

It is feasible to synchronize movement information with administrations. For example, Apple Health and Strava through the Garmin Connect application.

Given that Garmin’s been in the wellness game for quite a while. Garmin Pay is prepared in as well, which implies the Venu can fill in as a virtual wallet – gave your bank is one of the small bunch that is partaking in the UK.

Garmin Venu

Battery Life

It will go for five days on a solitary charge in smartwatch mode, or six hours with the two GPS and music streaming dynamic.

By and by, life span fluctuates altogether relying upon utilization, yet that five-day figure is effectively attainable with a blend of movement following, ordinary wear, and rest logging.

There is no inherent battery saver mode, yet it is feasible to squeeze out the cell’s ability by independently impairing certain network highlights as important.

However, you will not figure out a period gauge like you will see on the Polar Grit X, the channel is quite unsurprising for the duration of the day and during any activity, so you should not confront any unforeseen drops.

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Garmin Venu vs Vivoactive 4

There is some way these smartwatches contrast is in their presentation, battery life, and size choices. While these are some significant specs to consider while picking a wearable. You will probably be keener on what it offers regarding the following and highlights.

Both the Garmin Vivoactive 4/4S and the Garmin Venu are outfitted with more than 20 pre-stacked games applications, on-screen exercises, pulse observing, 5 ATM water obstruction, and some more.

In case you are inclined toward an AMOLED show with your smartwatches. And you would not fret paying somewhat more for it, you will probably be attracted to the Venu. While this likewise implies somewhat more limited battery life. It may very well be great for the individuals who need a more honed, more brilliant screen.

Nonetheless, the most ideal choice for the vast majority we think will be the Vivoactive 4 or 4S. In contrast with its archetype, there is a lot of redesigns. You have two distinctive size choices with the Vivoactive 4 and 4S while the Venu just offers a solitary size.

The absence of an AMOLED show is disillusioning, yet in return, you improve battery life and a more reasonable sticker price. But Both of them will give you the best fitness tracker, more insightful sleep monitoring, breathwork activities, music storage, and more.

Garmin Venu vs Fitbit Sense, Garmin Venu vs Vivoactive 4

Garmin Venu vs Fitbit Sense

At the point when you look at the Fitbit Sense and the Garmin Venu, obviously, they offer two totally different designs. The Fitbit Sense takes a lot further jump into specific parts of your wellbeing utilizing progressed sensors.

However, the Garmin Venu works really hard of giving a wide outline. On the off chance that you need whatever number subtleties as could reasonably be expected. The Fitbit Sense has more to bring to the table. On the off chance that you would not fret keeping things a smidgen more basic. You may be totally content with the Garmin Venu.

Both of these smartwatches fill a need. The Fitbit Sense is intended for users who need to investigate their wellbeing. Not exclusively will you have the entirety of the Fitbit advantages you have appreciated before.

Yet you will likewise have new sensors and highlights that help you hold your wellbeing within proper limits. It is somewhat more costly than the Garmin Venu yet for every one of the overhauls you receive consequently, it is awesome.

The Garmin Venu is a strong pick for the individuals who need a way of life smartwatch that is elegant and still offers a lot of helpful highlights.

Beyond a shadow of a doubt, this is effectively a standout amongst other Garmin watches you can purchase with GPS, pulse observing, movement/rest following, cell phone warnings, music stockpiling, and versatile installments.

Garmin Venu vs Samsung Galaxy Watch 3

At the point when you look at the new Samsung Galaxy Watch 3 to numerous different choices available. It for the most part has a quite huge advantage however on the opposition. Yet the Garmin Venu is a nearby second.

Both of these smartwatches accompany great wellbeing and wellness following, including GPS, programmed exercise identification, pulse checking, rest following, blood oxygen observing, and then some.

The Samsung Galaxy Watch 3 offers a discretionary LTE network, comes in two sizes, and is appraised for military-grade solidness. It likewise has an electrocardiogram (ECG) sensor that identifies unpredictable pulses.

However, this element is not dynamic right now. You will not discover any of these on the Garmin Venu. Yet in case you are searching for the more moderate choice. You probably will not have an issue passing up these highlights.


The Garmin Venu offers devoted profiles for a wide range of donning disciplines. Also, with a complete set-up of sensors, it’s fit for following all way of measurements, including beat oxygen and breath. Nothing beats AMOLED for a strong, energetic showcase, and Venu’s 1.2-inch 390 x 390 touchscreen is something to observe.

Sharp, splendid and distinctive, it gives each gadget added fly, just as improving the lucidity of text and details. This will almost certainly make it appeal to more individuals. Yet is it adequate to pull individuals from more settled product offerings like the Apple Watch?