Updated Design from Google Photos App: Do Not Miss It!

Google has released a new design of the Google Photos app. A new design of the Google Photos app will help people to get the best organization for their pictures or videos.

A new design is released on Thursday. Google said that Google Photos app has improved the app to solve specific problems for people who use the app. Users will see the improvement in usage. For now, Google Photos have more than one billion users every month.

The new design app has a new pinwheel logo to replace the old tabs of the phones by giving three main tabs-photos, search, and library.

Google also introduced a new feature called “the most requested feature” or it is called a map view. The Photos tab will have a user’s photos and videos.

And users can see larger thumbnails, auto-playing videos, and less white space between photos. It also contains a memory carousel on the top.

Google also offers many types of Memories to the carousel. For more information, features for example automatic creations have been moved to Memories from the “For You” tab.

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To get quick access you can use “the search tab”. By using the search tab you can reach people, places, and things really quick and it includes a new map view.

Becoming a part of the new search tab, you will see an interactive design of map view of your photos and videos. It has become one of our most-mentioned highlights since they released Google Photos.

You can squeeze and zoom anything around you to explore photos of your travels. You also can see where you have taken the most photos around your old neighborhood. And you can locate that one photograph from someplace on your trip around the world.

The next tab is the Library tab including Albums, Favorites, Trash, Archive, and so on.

People in the United States, European Union, and Canada will likewise have the option to see Google’s Print Store, where they can buy printed items including their photos. You can try the new updated Google Photos app on Android and iOS in the next week.