Quibi App Review: New App for Streaming and Comes to You in Your Bustle

The more technology affects our lives, the more they create many things of technology and compete to be the best one. Technology will provide practicality and convenience.

Well, one of them which is being loved and loved by people is a streaming TV. You can watch anything by downloading the App on your mobile or on your smart TV wherever and whenever you want, whenever you have free time.

If previously, there are many apps for streaming. For example, Netflix provides many films produced by themselves, or other apps like Hulu, Amazon Prime Video, and else. Recently, 6th April, a new App for streaming TV has just been released.

It has similarities with other streaming apps, which provide films or shows that can be watched on mobile anywhere and anytime. However, of course, there will be differences. Well, what distinguishes it from other apps and how to enjoy their services? Let’s check it out!

Quibi is a streaming app that has just been released by those who experience in the film field, such as Jeffrey Katzenberg, Doug Herzog, Tom Conrad, and some others. Quibi is an abbreviation of QUICK BITES with the tagline QUICK BITES, BIG STORIES.

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This is what distinguishes it from other streaming apps, such as Netflix. If Netflix provides films with 30 minutes to an hour, so, Quibi tried to speed it up by making 10 minutes for each episode of the film aired. FYI, Quibi also produces these films themselves or called original Quibi, just like Netflix.

The thing the most emphasized by Quibi is everyone can get entertainment anywhere and anytime. One is on his way to work, on the road, for example on the bus, in the taxi or car or else, he can also enjoy entertainment. That’s why Quibi won’t take up much of your time. You can also enjoy a film or show in your 10 minutes break.

And then, Quibi is only for smartphones. You cannot open it on smart TV, or it is not multi-performance on any device.

Another difference is when you watch on the Quibi App, you can hold your phone either vertically or horizontally. They called it TrunStyle.

If you want to subscribe to Quibi, for the first 3 months, they provide a free trial. But, the rumor is it was just for who sign up before 6th April, their official launch date. Well, you don’t have to be sad, because Quibi also provides subscription-like other.

They have two plans for the service. The first one costs $4.99/ monthly. It will appear ads while you watch. If you don’t want to be bothered by any ads, you can choose the second one. It costs $7.99/ monthly without ads.

You can get the App on Google Play Store or App Store. Then, create an account and login it to enjoy what they provide. The last, for your information, their films are also starred by famous artists in the world. So, just get Quibi and watch them!