Wacom One Review: The detail Features and Specs for a beginner in Digital Creation

For you, a beginner in digital creation or digital drawing, you should give attention to this tablet. Wacom One, which was officially released earlier this year, would bring a new more colorful digital creation for you.

Wacom One is suitable for you who are just starting to draw digitally. It will provide experience in improving your creation.

This 33.3-inch screen tablet has a natural pen feel and it is also compatible with other pens brands. For details, here we summarize the specs and features that are owned by Wacom One.

The Features

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Raise your game to a new digital level. With minimal reflection and surface friction, draw your imagination without limits. Enjoy soft friction, from paintbrush, pen, marker, pencil, and chalk to the eraser.

Bring all your imagination and enjoy them. It has a Paper-like canvas. With natural minimal reflection and surface friction, it feels like drawing on paper/canvas rather than on glass.

Describe your visual thinking. Wacom one pen precision has a screen size almost the same as A4 / Letter.

So you will not be difficult in editing if you want to share on social media. You will be able to personalize your pictures or videos well. Moreover, your editing skills can improve.

Annotating. The most advantage of this Pen from Wacom One is multifunction. You can not only use it to digitally draw on tablets, but you can make it a common pen.

You can use it on paper. Just like a standard pen. It is also free for battery and it will fit on your hand.

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Software at the ready. There are Apps on this tablet for you to explore. One of them is the Bamboo Paper App, which can change the appearance of your pen into a sketch.

Pick your pen. If you don’t want to use a pen from Wacom One, you can choose your other favorite pens. Wacom One is compatible with other types of pen brands, such as Staedtler: Digital Noris, Mitsubishi Pencil 9800 Digitizer pen for raytrek tab, 9800 Pencil, Lamy: AL-star black EMR, Raytrektab: DG-D08IWP or Samsung: Galaxy Note and Tab S Pen, and so on.

Connect your way. You can connect Wacom One to other devices. To your smartphone, your PC, your Mac, your tablet, or your other devices.

However, for Android or Smartphone, there are device limits you can connect to. The android devices you can connect to are Samsung and Huawei. For example Samsung Galaxy S8, Galaxy S10 +, Galaxy Note 8, and others. For Huawei, you can connect it if you have a Huawei P30, P20 Pro, Mate 20 Pro, or Mate 30 Pro.

Gain new perspectives. Ideas can appear at any time. You don’t need to worry. You can add Wacom One to any device, whether it’s from pen and paper, using a computer, or using an android. Your imagination won’t just disappear because you can add Wacom One to your favorite devices.

The Specs

Wacom One Review, wacom one android, wacom one driver, wacom one reddit, wacom one india,

The screen display is 13.3 inches with resolution 1920 x 1080 pixels. Battery-free for pen, no recharging. The technologies used are AHVA for display technology and AG film for Surface.
Other technologies are 8bit color depth, 16:9 aspect ratio, 170 deg. (85/85)H / 170 deg.

(85/85)V (typ) of Viewing Angle, 1000:1 (typ) contrast ratio, 0.1533(H) X 0.1533 (V) mm of Pixel pitch. Then it has 200 cd/m2 (typ) brightness with 26m sec (typ) for response time. Well, NTSC 72% (CIE1931) (typ) Color Gamut Coverage Ratio.

The pen types are Pressure-sensitive, cordless, and battery-free EMR technology by Wacom One Pen. Pen resolution is 0.01mm/point (2540 LPI).

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Wacom One information: This is a creative pen display type with the DTC133 model code. The dimensions (L x W x H) is 225 x 357 x 14.6 mm with weight 1.0 kg. The color is flint white. Compatibility & Connectivity: HDMI port and standard USB-A port as the Hardware, 1 x Display Connector OF I/O Ports.

It has a Display connector as Input Video Connector and HDMI as Input Video Signal. The System Requirements are Windows 7 & later and Mac OS 10.13 & later.

The Box: What’s Included & Optional Accessories

There is Wacom One creative pen display 13.3 inches, of course. Next, Wacom One X-Shape Cable, Wacom One Pen, Quick Start Guide, Regulation sheet, AC adapter (10W) AC plug head, and 3 replacement nibs. Then, there are some optional accessories you can pick.

Where you can get it

This Wacom One, the drawing tablet for beginner, you can get it on Website of Wacom by search Wacom one. Then the product will appear. You can click it then click “BUY”. Or, you can find this Wacom One on Amazon or others.

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