Call of Duty: Brings New War-Items Added for Warzone Season 6

Call of Duty is a battle royal video game that recently released a new called Warzone Season 6. Warzone Season 6 is part of Modern Warfare’s Call of Duty, but it can’t be purchased in one. Warzone is actually released on 10th March 2020, then, getting some new things in its update.

Then, what’s new on this Warzone? There are new stations, new operators join in, new weapons, new modes, and else. Here detail for you!

You can play this multiplayer game in Battle Royale and Plunder mode. It can support 150 players in a single match.

New mode about Plunder mode is that players search for stacks of Cash. The cash can be found around the map which it’s new too. The cash found and scattered around the map should be accumulated up to $1 million.

There is a new Metro station fast travel system. The players, who want to get in Verdansk, can go through this metro station use the train for free but with 2 rules.

First, if there’s any fighting onboard, such as between the platform and the carriages, the train will not move anyway. Second, if you have got there at the station, you have to make sure that the train is inside the circle. If it’s not, hence, the train will not stop.

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Credit: Gameslaught

New operators join in this warzone. Who are they? They are those in Modern Warfare before, Farah and Nikolai.

Then, there’s a new SP-R 208 Marksman Rifle and AS Val, as well as a new War track music packs. The next new is Armored Royale which is a new vehicle. There is a bat; it can be your pet anyway. Its name is Edward.

Well, that’s all new about Warzone season 6. If you want to get a battle pass, you can do a purchase. Then you will be able to access all 100 unlockable tiers of content, such as instant operator unlock,  weapon blueprints, up to 1,300 CP, operator skins, and more.

Warzone is played for PlayStation 4, Xbox One, and Microsoft Windows. You can get the game by visiting the Call of Duty’s website for information in detail.

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