COVID-19 Screening App And Website: Apple Launch A New App-Based On CDC Guidance

Based on the new CDC guidance, Apple has released a screening tool and set of resources to help people to get information on how to protect themself during the spread of Coronavirus. You can get the app from the App Store. In the COVID-19 app and website, you will answer some questions about risk factors, symptoms and recent exposure for themself.

Then, you will get CDC recommendations for the next steps. It includes guidance on social distancing and self-isolation such as how to monitor the symptoms or when you need to contact a medical provider. The app is the resource for people, but it does not replace the instructions from healthcare providers or from state and local health authorities.

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By using the COVID-19 app and website, you can get access to sources to help people get information and get the support they really need. Users will also get answers to new questions asked by people about COVID-19.

For example, you will get about who is most at risk and how to know the symptoms. You will get new update information from CDC such as the best way to wash hands, to monitor symptoms, or to disinfect surfaces. The COVID-19 app and website will keep your data secure and private.

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How to use the COVID-19 app and website

  1. Download The COVID-19 App at App Store or visit
  2. On the page, you can see sections for more information on COVID-19.
  3. If you need the next steps for yourself or your family, you can choose the blue “start screening” button.
  4. Choose if you take the screening for yourself or for someone.
  5. Follow the instructions and answer all the questions honestly.
  6. At the last step of the screening, you will receive a recommendation on the next steps.