Xbox Series S Has Released Officially Now: You Must Have It

Finally, Microsoft has announced a new Xbox called Xbox Series S. Microsoft also has confirmed how much it costs and an official release date for Xbox Series S. On Tuesday morning, Microsoft posted a tweet about project Lockhart.

It is actually about the new upcoming od Xbox Series S console. A small and cheap console also comes with the flagship Xbox Series X, said the company. Xbox Series X will cost $299 when it comes out.

The new Xbox Series S has a small design and includes a big circle cut into its side. Xbox Series S does not have a disk drive like an expensive Series X.

Microsoft offers an “all-digital edition” of the Xbox, which likewise does exclude a disk drive. Players are just ready to purchase games over the web, through Microsoft’s online store.

As the up and coming age of consoles approaches, Microsoft has been focusing on new items, for example, Xbox Game Pass. Which permits admittance to a large group of downloadable games for a month to month expense.

The disk drive will likewise probably be a method of pushing those participants. The company did not give any info on some other changes from the Xbox Series X. The company also did not tell about how it has a low price than the supposed cost of the more superior adaptation.

The $299 cost likewise appears to halfway affirm a spilled. Obviously, the official video that has been circling as of late, that recommended that the Xbox Series X would likewise cost $499. The then-reputed Xbox Series S had been remembered for that video, at the right $299 cost.

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Credit: EGM

Microsoft’s announcement appeared at any rate incompletely in light of that video. The company affirmed no specifications other than those effectively partook in the video and guaranteed that more would come soon.

The Xbox has been getting steadily smaller after some time. Both the Xbox One S and afterward Xbox One X were likewise the company’s smallest consoles ever.

However, it is quite interesting that after a few months of speculation about Xbox Series X and PS5 who will release the price first. And Xbox Series S releases it first that it has low prices.