The Sonos Speaker Review: Get Your Move Speaker with Long Battery Life

For many years Sonos become the greatest company that will beat your home audio. They made the best products and easy to use. Not only it has high-quality products, but also it has good sound and of course popular.

Sonos become a popular speaker because of its move. Sonos increased the durability factor for the moving speaker. The move speaker comes with an IP56 weatherproof and shockproof.

It is quite impressive because we can move it to any directions without worrying it will get broken. The Sonos speaker also comes with touch-sensitive controls that give advantages for you. You can find the touch-sensitive controls on top of the speaker and it will work so well.

You will find a small LED light on the speaker. The LED provides information for the speaker than light up the controls. The icon of volume icons on the other side is identical.

Although we already know about the volume icons, sometimes we forget about it because of its same. And for the play or pause icon is good. For playback is controlled by touch. Just tap the playing symbol and swipe across three icons from left to right to skip to the next song.

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Swiping from right to left will go back to a previous song. You only will find a power button and connect button. Between them, you will find a smaller button to switch between Wi-Fi and Bluetooth. The speaker is good to use in your house area or around it.

Not only using Bluetooth to connect the speaker, but you also can connect it using Wi-Fi connectivity. Sonos is best when you are on Wi-Fi. The range is any longer than Bluetooth and the speaker does not have to depend on your source device for the sound.

Rather, it pulls the sound directly from the web. To use this, you need to download the Sonos app. When you already connect your speaker correctly, you can add your streaming services like Spotify.

You just need to log to your Spotify account and complete access to your library or your playlist. You also can connect it to Apple Music, YouTube, Audible, and Pocket Casts account as well.

People can connect the Google Assistant or Amazon Alexa to control the speaker by using your voice. The Sonos speaker claims a battery life of 10 hours of consistent playback when you’re not docked on the charging support.

If you love enjoying music, the Sanos speaker is the best choice for you. Because it has good sound and also have a long battery life.