Signal Comes with New Feature To Secure Your Identity

Because many protests are erupting all around the world and over the country, many of us maybe avoid all social media or the news.

Using Signal is the best choice for you to communicate if you want to keep your privacy and security. And now Signal has the latest feature by adding a new automatic face blurring tools in it.

This day of unrest situation is a little bit worrying. And using Signal has proved that it will keep you secure. And how it can be? It will save you If you share sensitive information by using its new feature.

Signal has a new feature to blur your face in photos sent via the app. It is easy to protect your identity without leaving any trace.

During this situation, many users of Signal use the app to share sensitive information that includes photos in it.

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And the new feature from Signal gives a lot of advantages for many users to keep their identity and privacy safe. So they can share the new information without worrying about their identity and their privacy.

You can find the new feature of face blurring at the new version of Signal on iOS and Android. By using this app you can hide your face automatically.

Although it can automatically blur your face, you have to make sure before you share something. Because it is not 100% accurate. It can detect faces, but it can not be able to find every single one in a picture.

If the face blurring tool can not hide your face very well, you can edit your photos manually.

So you have to make sure to double-check your photos although you have downloaded the new version of Signal. Please be safe!!