Update Coronavirus: How Apple Stays Standing in Supplying Their Products

Coronavirus still attacks the whole the world. Coronavirus was found in Wuhan, China, in December 2019. Until February, more than 1.800 people died. The saddest news, until now, the scantiest has not found the vaccine yet.

This virus has made people scared; scare to go abroad, scare to buy stuff from abroad. Because the virus not only infect China, but also other countries. Moreover, this scare makes Apple.Inc delay in launching their new product.

Apple.Inc is going to launch iPhone 9 again by named iPhone SE 2 in earlier this month, February, as plan before. However, because of Coranavirus effects, it may be delayed. The reason why they may be a delay in this launch is due to the costumers in China. It can lack a number of requests from there.

That’s why it can disturb the production capabilities in China. However, you do not have to feel disappointed because they just delayed it, maybe, until the end of this March. Based on the information from Apple, they will sell iPhone SE 2 at a cheaper price, what the people have waited for.

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Quoted from Cnet, based on the report from Nikkei, there was a rumor about this new series that iPhone SE 2 or iPhone 9 will look like iPhone 8. As you know, iPhone 8 was sold in the range of $649 and $849. FYI, you should to be happy, as we said above; this will be a great offer.

According to Wedbush Securities, analyzed by Daniel Ives, iPhone SE 2 will be sold for $399. The specification, this iPhone SE 2 or iPhone 9 will be released with a 4.7 inch LCD display. The storage internal is 64 gigabytes, and also has Bionic chip power, A13.

If you really want to have this new series, you can wait until the end of March, and wish the mess of Coronavirus can be more conducive. So, at the end of March, Apple will officially launch this iPhone SE 2. You can get this series with special offers on Apple Store or their others.