Microsoft Build: How To Watch It for Free

Microsoft will start its annual build conference tonight which targets developers from across the world. This event starts with a keynote at 1 a.m. Wednesday morning AEST. And it will stream live to the world as usual.

You can see something very different from this year’s event. Microsoft has committed to all of its big events will be online, streaming-only until well into 2021.

However, Build will not have attendees this year. The event is normally seen around 5-6,000 attend San Francisco or Seattle.

For this year the tickets are free and you can not find flights, no cost, no after-party. Here is the best thing, usually Microsoft presents to paying attendees the new and the best hardware, software, and services.

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This year, with the Microsoft event being live, Microsoft is accepting the opportunity to grow the conference to upwards of 100,000 participants. A year ago a ticket to Build would have cost around A$5,000 before travel and convenience. so for it to be free is a big deal.

In case you are a developer or are simply quick to see what is going on from Microsoft. You can watch the conference (keynote and 600+ sessions) from the streaming.

The events run from Wednesday twentieth to Friday 22nd Australian time and on the off chance that you registered.

How To Watch Microsoft Build

First, all you have to do is to register (register here: Every 604 sessions will be streamed on Microsft’s site. You also can make a schedule to attend the sessions that you like.

To watch the most interesting sessions, you can set it base on your own time zone by clicking here

Microsoft has promised and made sure to stream live coding workshops in Twitch. But the company still not share the details on which Twitch channel will be hosted on.