Aegis Defenders: Get It For Free Now

Humble Bundle offers GUTS Department’s Aegis Defenders for free for PC until May 17th, 10 a.m PDT. The game is a 2D platformer and it combines the best of action platforming with a tower defense strategy.

Its Studio Ghibli-inspired style and painted pixel art environments are flawlessly distinct, sucking players into the dystopian dreamland of Elam.

Aegis Defenders gives four playable characters. Each of them has a different playstyle and its own distinct mechanics. Players begin with engineer Bart and his rifle-toting granddaughter Bru.

Players can open the other two gathering individuals en-route: Kaiim the priest and Zula the ninja crook. While the game can be finished solo, exploiting its split-screen neighborhood center play may upgrade your journey through Elam.

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Players can control two gathering individuals at a time, with the character the player is not controlling tracking with imperceptibly. The platforming parts of the game are clear: evade obstructions, murder beasts, and comprehend confuses by utilizing your characters imaginatively.

Be that as it may, the pinnacle guard technique portions are the place things get energizing. During these pieces of the game, players have 60 seconds to accumulate “asset hubs”, fabricate and update towers, and trade between characters to battle off influxes of adversaries.

This offer is a piece of Humble Bundle’s rebranding procedure for its non-mainstream game distributing division, Humble Games.

When known as Humble Bumble Presents, the rebranding release serves to reaffirm the organization’s duty to supporting outside the box game designers and being a power of good in the gaming business and the world.