How To Choose The Best Gaming Monitor

During the situation nowadays that happens around the world, many people choose to play a game at home in their free time or maybe a whole day. If you are interested in playing a game, you have to know about the best monitor to use. So then you can enjoy your time while playing a game. Here some tips for you on how to choose the best monitor.

Get the better picture with a higher resolution

To enjoy playing a game you have to buy a monitor with a high resolution. So you will get a clear picture. So you have to know how many pixels a monitor has in width x height format for your monitor’s resolution. At least you need the minimum resolution with 1080/ full HD (FHD)/ HD. But if you need sharper images, you can get it with QHD and even sharper with 4K.

Know your main purpose in buying a gaming monitor

If you are professional players, you have to choose a high quality of color accuracy. And for general use players do not have specific needs. Usually, general players will choose with a high-contrast VA panel. Although gamers have to prioritize fast refresh rates and low response times generally.

Size is matters

Pixel density gives a huge impact on your monitor quality. A bigger monitor will have a low pixel density if it has a lower resolution. Using monitor with 32 inches give the best view for typical desktop distances. And nowadays it is not hard to find a 32-inch gaming monitor or general use monitor at 4K resolution.

Bigger refresh rates are important

Refresh rates will tell you the number of times your monitor updates with the latest information per second. bigger refresh rate numbers equal better, smoother, and less choppy images. If you are a gamer, the refresh rate is very important. You will need a monitor with at least 75 Hz. But mostly monitors designed for gaming offer at least 144 Hz.

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Shorter response times are better in gaming

Response time will give you information about how long a monitor takes time to change individual pixels from black to white. Or if it is GTG, it will tell you how long to change from one shade of gray to another shade. You can get motion blur while gaming or watching fast-paced videos if you have longer response times. For gaming monitors, you will see the highest response time at 5ms. But the fastest gaming monitors offer a 0.5ms response time.

Panel tech for image quality: TN< IPS< VA

TN monitor is the fastest and cheapest monitor, but it has a bad image quality from a side angle. While the IPS monitor has faster response times a little bit and has a better color than VA panels. However, the VA monitor has the best contrast from all three-panel types.

Curved monitor

It depends on your preference. A curved monitor gives you a more immersive experience with a large field of view. If you use a curved monitor you can avoid eye-straining. Usually, a curved monitor has ultra-wide at least 30 inches but it has higher costs.

That’s all the guidance you need to buy a gaming monitor. Make sure you buy the best monitor. So you can enjoy while playing a game at your home.