Google Fi on Your iPhone: You Can Set Up Now Via eSIM

Now Google Fi can be activated on the iPhone through in. So you can use a Google Fi number on your iPhone. But it will hook up to your physical SIM card in the SIM tray on your iPhone. Then you will get a Google Fi number without using a SIM card.

However, there are two warnings to the new component. Google says that only new Google Fi users can initiate using eSIM on iOS. And its enactment over eSIM is just upheld by iPhones with Dual SIM usefulness: the iPhone XR, XS, XS Max, and 11 arrangement of telephones.

If you are a new Google Fi user and have an iPhone, Google will support you with instructions on how to use Google Fi through eSIM. You have to sign up for the Google Fi website. Then you need to opt in to “Quick setup” on the site.

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Last, you have to download the Google Fi iOS app to activate eSIM. When you have set it up, you have to visit on a device, not with your iPhone. After that, sign in to your account and just follow the instructions there.

Google has two types of plans for Google Fi. There are a flexible plan and an unlimited plan. A flexible plan has a little base monthly rate for texts and unlimited calls. It requires paying $10 for an additional fee for every data you use per month.

An unlimited plan is more expensive, with a consistent fee every month. And you can use unlimited data, calls, and texts. Google Fi for iOS is in beta. It means that the wireless services will not have all the same features as on Android phones.

It is because Android phones are designed for the service such as the Pixel 4. You need to tweak your iPhone’s settings to make you able to send texts that are not iPhone.