PS5 Limited Edition: Here’s How To Get An Invitation From Sony To Buy PS5

On the PlayStation website, Sony has a new page that people can do a pre-order to get a PS5. But you have to be hurry because Sony only has a limited quantity and it makes PS5 limited.

You only can order it if you have a PSN ID. Because they only take orders from people who have existing PSN ID, said Sony.

This is the link PlayStation to the website. Note that there are no proportional UK and AU pages to date.

The FAQs page noticed that “any requests that contain a non-US based location will be dropped.” So, it is not worth utilizing the connection except if your expected pre-request is bound for a US address.

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This is all you need to know about pre-ordering a PS5. The truth is you are not pre-ordering a PS5 here. You are just getting into a registration system.

And maybe you will get a chance to get an invitation to buy one of PS5 when the time comes. If you really want to get a PS5 all you need to do is just enter your PSN details and wait until you get an invitation to buy it.

The selection of people who can get the PS5 is based on PlayStation activities and previous interests. And it is based on the FAQs, said Sony.

There is also a thing that you have to know that even you can an invitation from Sony, it does not mean that you will get a PS5.

Because the invitation have a limited time. if you gen an invitation email from Sony before the pre-order starts then you will lose the change to get PS5.

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Credit: ESTNN

The offer to buy a PS5 has an expire date. Every invitation has limited purchase and you are entitled to if you are a success, said Sony.

  • One PS5 or One PS5 digital edition
  • Two DualSense (wireless controllers)
  • Two DualSense (charging Stations)
  • Two HD Cameras
  • Two Pulse 3D wireless headsets
  • Two Media remotes

Since requests will be taken on a first-come and first-serve basis. In case you are successful in getting an invitation you need to move quickly.

Obviously, this won’t be the best way to get a PS5 at launching. This is exactly how you get one directly from Sony, and different retailers will no uncertainty have their own systems for pre-ordering.