Xbox Live Down: Xbox Live Servers Had Been Restored

Xbox Live looks down because some users can not sign in in three days. Official twitter account of Xbox Live confirmed that the service had some issues in sigh in and matchmaking at twitter on Sunday evening.

The problems started at 5.10 p.m and Microsoft’s Xbox support account posted to tell that there are some issues with sign in and matching making at Xbox Live.

We believe that the outage related to the coronavirus. Because of coronavirus, schools have been closed and people can not go outside or lockdown. Not only that people also can not gather for unimportant purposes of businesses.

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It means that many people spend their time at home and playing video games is the best decision to spend their time. Phil Spencer, Xbox head, confirmed that there are enhancements and their operations try to keep everything running well.

The twitter page of Xbox Live suppoert was offline around two hours on Sunday evening. These issues had been restored at 7.45 p.m. Hopefully everythings will be okay and these issues will never happen again. Due to coronavirus, it is better for you to stay at home. If you can not spend yout free time by playing games, you can try to do other things like watching movies.

And if you need to go out to meet your relatives, please be safe. After that make sure that you wash your hand. If there are signs like dry cough, flu such as symptoms just stay at your home. Please be safe.