Talking about Samsung Galaxy Buds and Samsung Galaxy Buds Pro is such important. Especially if you are looking for it, means which one is the best both of them.

Both of them have awesome features and come with cool design. If you love full white color, you can try Galaxy Buds. But Galaxy Buds Pro comes with three colors.

Both of them also have awesome sound quality. For more specification, check these reviews.

Samsung Galaxy Buds Review

The Samsung Galaxy Buds are only one of the numerous models that tried to bring down the Apple AirPods’ syndication on the genuine wireless earbuds market.

Which Is Better Samsung Galaxy Buds or Samsung Galaxy Buds Pro
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Close by their replacements, the Samsung Galaxy Buds Plus, the Samsung Galaxy Buds Live, and the Samsung Galaxy Buds Pro, they make up a more extensive arrangement of Samsung genuine remote earbuds. It includes two ages of the Gear IconX.

Which isolates the Samsung Galaxy Buds from the IconX, in any case, is that the last gets rid of that Gear marking and makes these earbuds some portion of the Galaxy telephone family, which offer up a slick stunt with the Buds, yet more on that later.

The Samsung Galaxy Buds were delivered on March 8, 2019 for $149/£139/AU$249, making them somewhat less expensive than Apple’s AirPods.

In the event that you had pre-ordered a Samsung Galaxy S10, Galaxy S10 Plus, or Galaxy S10e, you may have likewise gotten a free pair of Galaxy Buds tossed in, however shockingly this offer finished at dispatch.


The Samsung Galaxy Buds look so attractive, with a smooth all-white design containing two earbuds and a charging case. The earbuds look smooth and conservative, with unobtrusive elastic wingtips for a safe fit.

You get little, medium, and enormous wingtips and ear tips in the container. So, you ought to have the option to discover a mix that accommodates your ear cozily.

A cool design highlight is the utilization of a pearlescent material on the external lodging of the buds. Which shows the light delightfully and has a practically holographic effect.

Beside looking great, the lodgings go about as contact controls. It can be utilized to play/stop your music, skip tracks, answer and end calls, and dispatch Samsung’s voice aide Bixby on viable gadgets.

You can modify the long-press activity for the Galaxy Buds by means of the Samsung Galaxy Wearable application (Android just), look over volume (up on the right, down on the left) or dispatching Bixby (long press on one or the other bud).

Charging Case

It is very minimized, and can undoubtedly slide into your pocket when you’re tuning in a hurry. In the event that you have utilized the Samsung Gear IconX, you will notice that the entire bundle here is a lot more modest than the last-gen headphones.

Truth be told, it is 30% more modest and that is certain to have an effect when you are keeping these in your pocket.

The case for the most part feels very strong, with a snap shut cover. And there are magnets that hold the earbuds set up when they are not being used.

Outwardly of the case you will track down a little LED that shows how much battery the case has. While a LED inside the case reveals to you how much charge your earbuds have left.

On the rear of the case, there is a USB-C charger port – the Galaxy Buds accompany a USB link so you can charge the case.

The actual buds have six hours battery life, while the charging case gives an extra seven – very useful for genuine remote buds.

The most fascinating features here is the way that you can remotely charge these earphones for their situation. That implies in the event that you have a Qi compatible wireless charging pad.

On the off chance that you have one for your phone, it is presumably precisely that you can simply put these on and they will charge up.

It is particularly valuable considering the new Galaxy S10 range accompanies two-way remote charging. That implies you can set up the element on your Galaxy S10 phone and spot your earphones on the back of the gadget to get them energized too.

Performance and Features

On the off chance that you have a Samsung Galaxy S10, Galaxy S10 Plus or Galaxy S10e, matching the buds is a consistent encounter.

The issues with network appear to have been tended to by programming refreshes conveyed by Samsung.

However, similarly as with most obvious wireless buds, you may encounter association dropouts in the event that you are utilizing them close by other Bluetooth gadgets.

Where Samsung’s past evident remote buds, the Gear IconX, disappointed, the Galaxy Buds appear to sparkle; with warm, profound bass, and great partition, music sounds incredible when played through these little buds.

That does not come as an amazement, considering they have been tuned by sound specialists AKG. Nonetheless, the Galaxy Buds truly sparkle with regards to bass frequencies.

Which turns out to be considerably more evident when you tune in to bassy tracks as eilish Billie’s ‘Cover A Friend’. On tracks this way, the utilization of air-uprooting dynamic drivers implies that you can nearly feel the sub bass pounding in your chest – strange for genuine remote earbuds.

On the off chance that you like your music bassy you will presumably like the way in which the Galaxy Buds sound.

Obviously, they will not offer a similar power or commotion separation as a couple of good over-ear earphones. Yet for genuine wireless buds, the sound quality is noteworthy.

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Samsung Galaxy Buds App

Other highlights can be found inside the Galaxy Wearable application, including an equalizer. It permits you to switch between various presets, including ‘Bass Boost.

Through the app you can likewise turn on ‘encompassing sound’ highlight. It blends in foundation commotion to the music utilizing worked in amplifiers on the buds. A convenient element on the off chance that you use need to the utilization the Galaxy Buds when running and need to hear some outer clamor for security reasons.

It can likewise adjust commotions like thundering traffic, while boosting close by voices. Which permits you to remain alarm to natural clamors without trading off the nature of your music.

On the off chance that you lose your Galaxy Buds, you can likewise utilize the ‘Discover My Earbuds’ element to find them. At the point when you empower this element. The Galaxy Buds play a consistent tweeting commotion so you can discover them really quick.

Samsung Galaxy Buds Pro Review

The Samsung Galaxy Buds Pro dispatched close by the Samsung Galaxy S21 phone on January 14, 2021 on Samsung’s site and turned out to be generally accessible beginning on January 15, 2021.

Which Is Better Samsung Galaxy Buds or Samsung Galaxy Buds Pro
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The Galaxy Buds Pro offers for $199/£219/AU$349. That is expensive, however it bodes well that they would cost somewhat more than their archetypes.

The Samsung Galaxy Buds Live, which cost $169.99/£179/AU$319 at dispatch. Taking into account how much better these are. They are certainly worth the upgrade.


The Samsung Galaxy Buds Pro are accessible in three colors: Phantom Black, Phantom Silver and Phantom Violet. And the shade of the Buds will coordinate with the shade of the charging case that joins them.

Talking about the case, such a molded like a little money box. There is an inward top that unhinges in the center and flips up. It is genuinely conservative.

Which is pleasant when you need to slip it into your pocket, and has a status LED on both within and outside of the case that becomes green, yellow, and red relying upon how much battery is left for the actual situation.

The outside of the Buds has a shiny, intelligent plastic covering that is contact capacitive and two additional amplifiers with a breeze monitor that diminishes surrounding clamor when strolling outside. The entirety of that houses the 11mm woofer and 6.5mm tweeter.

Overall, they are shockingly agreeable to wear for broadened timeframes and do not experience the ill effects of pressing factor develop on account of the outside vent.

But since of the manner in which they extend out of your ear. They are not the most alluring looking earbuds or entirely agreeable to wear in bed.


The two major marquee highlights of the Samsung Galaxy Buds Pro are its dynamic clamor dropping and IPX7 waterproofing, the most noteworthy rating so far for Samsung earbuds.

So far, Samsung’s earbuds have just been IPX2 or IPX4 water-safe. That implied that they were useful for a couple of drops of downpour or a touch of sweat. Yet they were not the sort of things you would need to have around you during extraordinary exercises.

With IPX7 affirmation, the Samsung Galaxy Buds Pro are ensured against new water drenching for 30 minutes at a profundity of up to one meter.

For example, on the off chance that they fall into the bath briefly or you need to clean them under some running water you will not need to stress over them. It has a major advance up for Samsung, and adversaries the best expectations of other earbuds.

The three underlying receivers certainly help the Galaxy Buds Pro make a superior showing of keeping out clamor than the Galaxy Buds Live. Yet they are worse at commotion undoing than, say, the Sony WF-1000XM4 or most lead over-ear earphones with ANC.

The Samsung Galaxy Buds Pro had the option to radically diminish the hints of noisy air purifiers and humidifiers. However, it did not have an opportunity when another person in the house was playing music.

They are adequate that you will not have the option to hear close by discussions in another room, yet anything stronger than somebody talking will be discernible through the ANC.

There is a sans hands Bixby mode, which works precisely like you would expect, and a Find My Earbuds include controlled by SmartThings Find.

SmartThings Find, situated inside the SmartThings application, can show you a guide of where your gadgets are, in any event, when they’re disconnected constantly from Bluetooth.


The Buds Pro have adjusted sound quality that does not slant too sibilant in the high pitches or excessively swelled in the bass.

However, they are feeling the loss of some clearness in the mids and highs, and have a more modest, disengaged soundstage. The level sound is truly focused and not close to as rich as we’d like it to be.

In case you are the sort of individual who likes to change the EQ of your Buds, the Samsung Wearable application permits you to go in and change the sound anyway you like. Yet none of them offer a more extensive, fuller soundstage.

All things considered, that could change when Samsung presents 360 Audio support in the not-so-distant future. Which it says will bring “theater-like, multichannel sound” to the buds – yet that component wasn’t accessible to us during our testing cycle.

The Samsung Galaxy Buds Pro’s battery life is useful for dynamic clamor dropping earbuds. Yet a genuine advance down from the Samsung Galaxy Buds Plus that offered 11 hours of playback time on a solitary charge.

All things considered, you’re getting ANC here and Bixby, and they’re both force swine.

Samsung guarantees five hours of listening joy on one cycle, after which the charging case can give an extra 13 hours on the off chance that you have ANC turned on.

In the event that you turn it off the buds will last seven to eight hours, and you can get as much as 20 hours of battery from the case.


It feels like Samsung has at long last got it directly with the Galaxy Buds. And they address genuine rivalry for the Apple AirPods as far as configuration, sound, and usability.

It accompanies the pearlescent impact on the buds external lodging and the smooth design of the case.

The sound quality offered by these genuine wireless buds is likewise excellent surely, with profound bass, and a totally open soundstage.

Despite the fact that, audiophiles might need to search somewhere else for a more normal sound treatment, as the Galaxy Buds do sound extremely warm.

The expressed battery life of six hours for the buds and seven hours for the case appeared to be about right to us.

And keeping in mind that there were availability issues before Samsung’s most recent programming update. These issues appear to have been to a great extent corrected.

Besides that, Samsung Galaxy Buds Pro also has an awesome battery life up to 5 hours. It is useful for dynamic clamor dropping earbuds.

It also has an option to radically diminish the hints of noisy air purifiers and humidifiers. And the most important things are Galaxy Buds Pro has cool features “dynamic clamor dropping and IPX7 waterproofing”.