WhatsApp Dark Mode: New Feature for Desktop and 5 Some Other New

WhatsApp that will have a dark mode for desktop comes from a tweet of Mahesh B Wijerathna. He tweeted that:

“I’ve been developing the Dark mode for @WhatsApp desktop for some time now and I just saw these updates on v0.4.930 which has their signature dark color. They might release the dark mode soon. Here’s how it looks at the moment. Pinging @WABetaInfo”. ( 24th Feb 2020).

Based on his tweet above, the WhatsApp will have a new feature. That is a dark mode. The dark mode for desktop is rumored will look like Apple iMessage. But, the feature has not launched by WhatsApp yet.

You have to wait to know how to get this dark mode on your desktop. FYI, for the next update, WhatsApp will be able to use it on different devices at the same time. Let’s wait until WhatsApp develops under Facebook to confirm this and launch this new feature.

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In another hand, there are 5 features that will be able to enjoy on WhatsApp. There are Sort contacts that are frequently contacted. If now WhatsApp manages your contacts are sorted alphabetically, next it will be sorted what more often contacted.

Add contacts via QR code. To add a new contact on WhatsApp, for now on, this App will be able to use QR code. You do not need to type the person’s contact you want to save hers.
Lock conversation with a fingerprint.

If you lock your WhatsApp by using App Locker, for next time, WhatsApp does not have to the help from the App. It will have it by itself, a biometric fingerprint security system.

WhatsApp also will have a new other feature is Sharing WhatsApp status to other platforms, an example to Instagram, Facebook, or to Google. And the last one, cross-application status update.

You can update the same status with one update on all your social media. So, it will make it easier for you not to renew the same status again. You will save more time.