The “Mad” Mike Hughes:Died in Homemade-Rocket Tragedy

Mike Hughes is a daredevil guy who wants to prove the flat-earth theory. He pasted away when his homemade rocket crashed after taking off from Barstow, California. The old guy, 64 years old, had launched second times for his homemade rockets and this time is the third launch.

He calls himself “Mad Mike” to try to reach an altitude of 5,000 feet (1,500 meters) Saturday morning. He flew with his rocket into the sky and there was something wrong. When he flew into the air on top of a column of steam, a parachute rip off from the rocket.

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A steel ladder bound to the rocket’s launch ramp. So it will make it much easier for him to enter the rocket’s cockpit. When the rocket launched, it hit the ladder and set the launch on course for disaster.

Justin Chapman, a freelance journalist, said that “ it ripped a parachute can, which deployed the parachute, which got caught in the thrust of the rocket and kind of took the rocket off course a little bit”.

Around 50 to 60 people are there to watch the event including a member of the Science Channel who was documenting the launch of a homemade rocket as a part of a series on homemade astronauts.

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Credit: Metro UK

Hughes had signed on with the Science Channel to document his homemade rocket project on a television program called “Homemade Astronauts” which is part of Discovery.

And the Science Channel crew say sorry for the tragic tragedy that happens. They feel sorry for a difficult time for his family and his friends. Because it is always his dream to prove flat earth theory by doing this launch.

It was a tragedy that Hughes can not end the launch successfully. He dedicated his life for several years to prove the flat earth theory.