Sony a9 II Review: Advantages and Spec of Camera Designed for Professional

Sony α9 II full-frame camera is a professional camera for those who work need a camera with the best picture-captured in their field. For example, journalists, photographers (such as sports or even photographing animals). This camera will work quickly and reliably, and it works productively.

On this full-frame camera, α9 II also has the sophistication that is carried. Such as connectivity on the network and sophisticated operations for the easy way of professional work in the field. Furthermore, it has an unmatched speed.

With all the sophistication that was announced, let us consider the spec and advantages. If you are interested in having it, it’s a good idea to read the following specs and benefits. It can strengthen your choice.

Sony α9 II Full-frame Camera’s Advantages

This full-frame camera has a fast and sophisticated picture-captured speed. With a camera designed with very fast shutter speed, you will get a moment difficult to capture by ordinary cameras. The shooting is very fast. It continues up to 20 with AF / AE tracking. AF/ AE tracking is capable of capturing images 60 times/second. Sony supports it by using a full-frame Exmor RSTM CMOS Sensor and BIONZ XTM processor.

Images captured by Alpha 9 II’s camera, there are will not be a blackout.

It was produced with the help of a technology shutter with speeds of up to 1/32000 sec.

Furthermore, besides the picture-captured with a speed of 60 times / second and without blackouts, the camera will not produce sound. So, the concentration or the subject you want to capture will not be disturbed. The thing you can do with flash mode and mechanical shutter. With a mechanical shutter, you will be able to shoot images that continue accompanied by a flash.

Apart from the speed of capturing images, the Alpha 9 II Camera is able to provide exceptional autofocus. With 4D focus, you can get the image you want. There are wide autofocus, fast autofocus or Steadfast Tracking.

It has Real-time and Real-time Eye AF, where you can track subjects for you to capture even if they move.

The resulting image quality is flawless. As a professional, getting awesome pictures is a must. With the help of the latest technology, Alpha 9 II is able to satisfy you with its image quality. For the full spec camera, you can read in the following spec section.

Last, the key points of excellence are being able to record beautiful 4K quality video. With the camera technology mentioned above, when recording with Alpha 9 II you can auto focus by touching the subject you want to focus on. Also, Real-time and Real-time Eye AF can function very well. Well, it also comes with a new multi functional microphone.

Camera Alpha 9 II is designed specifically for professionals. It can transfer dates quickly, can be operated with remote control, and can insert voice memos to images.

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Sony α9 II full-Frame Camera’s Spec

The weight is 1 lb 8.0 oz including Battery and Memory Card. The size is 128.9 mm x 96.4 mm x 77.5 mm, 128.9 mm x 96.4 mm x 67.3 mm (dimension).

The Lens is lens compatibility Sony E-mount lenses) and lens mount (E-mount).

The image sensor is on Aspect Ratio 3:2. And sensor type is 35mm full-frame (35.6×23.8mm and Exmor RS CMOS sensor.  Moreover, the camera is 24.2 MP (Effective) and 28.3 MP (Total).

SLOT SLOT1 and 2 memory cards are Slot for SD (UHS-I/II compliant) memory card.

About LCD Screen: monitor type is wide and 2.95 inches (3.0-type), TFT NUMBER OF DOTS 1,440,000 dots, and there is a touch panel that eases you in handling it. Also, there is a brightness control manually. Also, you can do an ADJUSTABLE ANGLE and DISPLAY SELECTOR automatically or manually.

In flash control, α9 II has control pre-flash, flash compensation, flash bracketing, flash modes, external flash compatibility, FE level lock, and wireless control.

The audio of this full-frame camera includes a microphone (built-in, stereo) and speaker (built-in, monaural).

For more detail about the α9 II full-frame camera’s spec, you can visit Sony’s website, Moreover, you also can buy the camera on the website for $4,499.99. On the website, you can click “where to buy”, and then you will be brought in a new tab to get some links to buy it. For example Amazon, BH, Best Buy, Adorama, Samy’s Camera, Mike’s Camera, Hunt’s, Crutchfield, focus, or some else.