Six Nations 2020: The Streaming Channels You Can Watch the Game Anywhere You Are

Six Nations 2020 is a tournament that has been rounded for eight months. It started in February 2020. Yesterday, a match France VS Ireland competed with. France Vs Ireland kicked off on Saturday, 31st October 2020, at 8:05pm. France and Ireland did they match the great competition. Did you watch it yesterday?

Well, if you do not have enough time to stay at home then enjoy the match on your TV, you can watch it online. Don’t be too disappointed, there are many games Six Nation 2020 left will be held on other days. Therefore, here, we bring to you where you can stream Six Nations 2020 everywhere you go.

The first is on the BBC. You can set BBC Two or BBC One channels for your TV if you watch it on TV. But, if you want to do a stream, use the BBC iPlayer app. You can connect it on devices you love, such as your tablet, laptop, or your mobile phone.

One more, if you are on your way to go somewhere, like, you are in your car or bus, you can listen to the game on Radio. You can enjoy the game on BBC 5 live. What an easy way, right?

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Second, if you are abroad, you can use a VPN to stream. By using a VPN, you can stream BBC as well. And then, on the BBC is free to watch. You can use the best VPN around the world, ExpressVPN.

Get the VPN and sign up. By using ExpressVPN, you can get three months freely as the first trial. This is good news, if you change your mind after using it for around 30 days, they can do a refund for you. But, it’s within 30 days used.

ExpressVPN is a compatible VPN that can stream on any devices, such as Apple TV, Xbox, and PlayStation, Amazon Fire TV Stick, Android, or Apple mobiles as well.  After downloading your VPN, and sing in, choose your location (the country the match is held), you will watch the match then.

That’s all the things you can do for streaming Six Nation 2020. Let’s see who will lead the game together everywhere we are!