Samsung Galaxy Z Fold 2 Confirmed Some Pre-Orders for this Foldable Phone were Delayed

Who’s here that has done the pre-orders? The confirmation about this delay came from Techradar. It said that Samsung confirmed it to Techradar. Samsung’s official statement:

“Due to delays in shipment, several customers who pre-ordered the new Galaxy Z Fold2 will receive their device later than expected. We have contacted all customers affected directly, and are working with our distribution team to get these to them as soon as possible.”-Samsung.

The delay is not for all pre-orders. It’s just for some. The statement came after the delaying issue had appeared. Well, according to Techradar there was no information in detail how long it will be delayed or what region it delays for.

In other news we get, based on, the delay happened just for South Korea pre-orders, the internationally pre-orders will be shipped as the plan before. Then, it said the delay due to the high demand for costumers.

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Nevertheless, on talked about UK delivery of the new Galaxy Z Fold2 – Delay. There are many messages said that feel disappointed about the delay. And there is no exactly how long it will be.

The pre-orders for Samsung Galaxy Z Fold 2 start from 11th to 19th September. But, some shipments were delayed now.

The pre-orders can do on the Samsung site, Amazon, or on eBay. The price starts at $2000. Finding on Techradar, the next shipping for this foldable phone gets some different dates. FYI, most of them will be taken place in October. Well, just wait until the month.