Mario Kart Tour Game: Getting Multiplayer and Playing with More Excited and Challenging

Mario Kart Tour is a game series of Go-Kart-Style racing. In September 2019, Mario Kart Tour was released for Android and IOS users which can be downloaded for free at Play Store or App Store.

The game developed and published by Nintendo got a good appreciation for racing game lovers, it even got a good rating and became the most downloaded game on the App Store in 2019.

With tremendous appreciation after its launch last year, now Mario Kart Tour, a game series for smartphones from Mario Kart, announced the latest information. You can play in multiplayer.

Quoted from the official Twitter, @mariokarttourEN, the game has got playing multiplayer starting 8th March wrote that Mario Kart Tour multiplayer launch at 8 PM on 8th March.

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Furthermore, they also suggested users play competing 7 other users in the racing and find friends wherever users are in the world. The last, they teased them by words “Are you ready to play”?

Well, you that want to play this game, have you already played it? And feel the excitement?

Therefore, for you, the players of this game, now you can play it with your friends. You can download this game for free and play it.

Although this one can be played for free, there are some items should you buy such as choosing characters (Mario, Luigi, Yoshi, or King Coopa) or the type of vehicles. To get better speed with 200cc mode, you can pay a $ 4.99 monthly subscription.

Furthermore, based on their tweet at the end of 2019, this game can only be played by Gold Pass subscribers. To get the pass, you can install the game App, Mario Kart Tour.

And then, the Nintendo Account Linked used to your ID. Last, you can purchase Gold Pass by clicking the gold pass and complete the purchase.

Well, for now on, you can play Mario Kart Tour with multiplayer and be more challenging in racing.