iPhone 12 Leaks: Apple Will Release New their iPhone Upgrade in This Year?

The pandemic still attacks the world, COVID-19, which is not yet over. There were so many canceled events because of the pandemic.

However, the entire world event had been planned long before the pandemic attack, remained a concern and awaited. One of them is about the iPhone 12 new model launching.

In December 2019, the model of the iPhone 12 was reported by CNET’s Lexy Savvides to be released in the fall of 2020.

In CNET’s Lexy Savvides, according to JPMorgan analyst Samik Chatterjee said that the iPhone 12 would be released in fall 2020 with a 5.4-inch model, two 6.1-inch phones and a 6.7-inch phone.

Because of the report last year, for now on, it makes people guess whether it will be released or not, considering the current world is noisy with pandemic corona.

Therefore, the technology enthusiast tries to see the possibilities for the iPhone 12 upgrade will be released. In fact, they are also trying to guess the specs, leaks, superiority, and prices.

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One of the iPhone 12 superiority rumored is the first Apple will have a 5G network. It is based on a report from the Nikkei that mentioned the new model will support 5G networks, so downloading or browsing will be faster.

They also said that Apple works with Qualcomm and Samsung to supply the best for the newest one. Viewing from one of the advantages that will be brought, of course, Apple enthusiasts cannot wait for iPhone 12.

However, when exactly will the iPhone 12 be released? Will there also be a delay due to COVID-19?

Based on we mentioned above the iPhone 12 will be released in the fall this year, so, it was precisely on September 8, 2020. But is it officially an announcement? There are so many rumors that it is likely the release will be delayed.

As the Nikkei Asian Review said, maybe the release of the iPhone 12 will be delayed for several months. And maybe it could also release in 2021 considering Coronavirus not only had an impact on Apple’s production itself, but also the customers.

Well, let’s wish Apple will release the iPhone 12 as the plan before. The model and the 5G network really make us be excited.