How to be a Gold Pass Subscriber to Play Multiplayer, the Mario Kart Tour Game

Looking at the article we wrote earlier, Mario Kart Tour Game: Getting Multiplayer and Playing with More Excited and Challenging, which is Mario Kart Tour can be played with your friends, however, the multiplayer can only be played by Gold Pass Subscriber.

Well, what’s a Gold Pass? It is a paid service or like a ticket so that you can receive various benefits or advantages while playing. Usually, it’s paid monthly.

Well, following we write the steps to become a Gold Pass Subscriber.
The first thing is you must have the Mario Kart Tour App on your phone. Then log in to get your user ID.

After getting the account, you certainly have become one of the players on the Mario Kart Tour. To subscribe to a gold pass, you have to do a purchase. How is it? You can go to the shop or click the banner on the menu’s App. Thus, choose a Gold Pass and do the purchase until it’s finished. You have to pay $ 4.99 for the purchase that is valid for one month.

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Finishing the payment, you become a Gold Pass Subscriber. Of course, play the Mario Kart Tour Multiplayer Game with your friends and get various benefits.

When you have been a Gold Pass Subscriber, you will get various benefits including: with your racing tour, you can get a variety of gold gifts. Second, you can unlock gold races. Third, you can get various types of badges from the gold challenge. Last, you can unlock 200cc, so your racing speed will be faster.

Did you know that Mario Kart Tour also has free trials for the first time when you subscribe to Gold Pass? The free trial is for two weeks. After two weeks have passed, automatically it is paid, unless you make it be canceled. If you really don’t want to continue the game, you can cancel the subscription before the two weeks end; if you don’t want to get a loss.