Facebook Releases The New Oculus Quest 2 with Improved Features

This week, Facebook has released the new generation of Oculus Quest VR headset. Quest 2 comes with a lot of features that have been improved. You do not need to worry because the Quest 2 still has the same price. You can get it at only $299.

The Quest VR headset was planned to release at the end of 2020. The Quest 2 comes with the Snapdragon XR2 platform. Qualcomm has made this platform explicitly for virtual reality (VR) and augmented reality (AR) devices.

Furthermore, it is professed to improve the overall performance of the Quest 2 headset. The device additionally gets 6GB RAM to offer better VR visuals, something that has seen a continuous advancement throughout the long term.

Like the first generation, the headset does not need that you have a PC or phone to play a game. It is wireless and all the product and equipment you need is remembered for the case. Facebook had redesigned the headset.

In any case, it looks like the first. However with a light dim outside rather than dark. The Quest 2 has a slimmer profile and is 10% lighter than the first. So it is more convenient and simpler to wear,” Facebook says. The social networking site is additionally offering discretionary assistants to make the headset more agreeable to wear.

Furthermore, the crate incorporates updated Touch regulators, which you use to finish activities in the virtual condition. Facebooks said the regulators are intended to convey battery life that is up to multiple times longer than the first.

The showcase on Quest 2 supports 1832 x 1920 pixels resolution with a 90Hz revive rate. Yet, Facebook referenced that during the dispatch, the help is restricted to 72Hz refresh rate. Since not all applications can utilize the higher refresh rate.

About design, Quest 2 gets some truly necessary attention. VR headsets ought to in a perfect world be agreeable to wear for longer used. Also, the Quest 2 obliges those requirements with its lighter plan, helping it decrease the weight by 10 percent.

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Credit: Techcrunch

On the headset, there is a delicate touch lash, that will permit users to encounter VR with no uneasiness. Oculus called attention to the regulators with the Quest 2 can last up to hours longer than its antecedent.

Nonetheless, utilizing the Quest 2 will not be conceivable without having signed in to Facebook account. In this way, on the off chance that you do not have one, Quest 2 will compel you to get it. The VR headset comes in two variations.

One with 64GB of locally available capacity that is estimated at $299 and you have the 256GB model that costs $399. Oculus will begin taking pre-orders from this week and delivery occurs one month from now. As usual, this headset will not come to business sectors like India.

However, we are cheerful Facebook thinks about it sooner rather than later.