Coachella 2020: Where you can get the Ticket Online and how about the Price

The Coachella Valley Music and Arts Festival or Coachella Festival is a music and art festival held in California. It is in the Coachella Valley, at Empire Polo Club, Indio. Many artists and musicians from all over the world attend this annual world music festival. There are from Asia, Europe, America, and the entire world.

The Coachella 2020’s organizer scheduled the festival for April 10-12 and 17-19. Recently there is much speculation that the organizer will delay the event. It is due to the Coronavirus that still being world attention and focus.

The rumor appears because of the outstanding petition. There have already been 1,700 people who signed the petition agreeing: the Coachella Festival should be delayed.

In addition, local residents, where the organizer will hold the festival, also issued a vote. And they want to cancel the festival.

However, so far there is no official announcement from the festival organizer. Either the event continued or delayed is not yet certain.

Besides all the assumptions that are rumoring, tickets to watch and enter the biggest music and art event have been able to be obtained. You can already get the ticket online. There are many sites that you can visit to get tickets. However you have to make sure that the website’s accuracy.

We suggest a website that provides tickets to this world event reliably and accurately, namely. it is on own its website, Coachella. It can avoid any frauds to happen if there will be.

However, if you want to get the tickets on another website you can visit Viagogo or Festicket website or others to get it.

For the price, it varies greatly. From the price of $ 13 to $ 5000 depend on the type of ticket or Festival Passes selected.

Some examples: General Admission for $429 + fees, General Admission Shuttle for $504 + fees, and VIP for $999 + fees. And then, there are many activities that will take places such as car camping ($102 + TOT + Fees), Preferred Car Camping ($266 + TOT + Fees), Tent Camping ($ 102 + TOT + Fees), and some others.

If you want to get the ticket, you can visit the Coachella website, You find the details of activities and prices there.