Beyondcorp Remote Access, New Tool From Google Dropping VPN

VPN is a tool used by workers to simplify their works. So, they can work anywhere and anytime. VPN also a tool to be able to access sites blocked in a country. However, it also has weaknesses.

Because of COVID-19, people have over an increase in internet use. People are required to work from home, so the use of the internet is being jumped up much. That’s why Google Cloud created the new tool.

Besides the use of VPN will not be able to properly overcome the internet network, IT will have difficulty in running it well because of the number of users suddenly.

Then, Google Cloud released a new tool to help people to more easily access their work from home. The tool is Beyondcorp Remote Access.

By using Beyondcorp Remote Access, mentioned that you will be able to easily access your company network without any interruption.

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Furthermore, it will stay safe. You or the employees of a company can securely access the internal web app through Google’s global network.

The benefits of using Beyondcorp Remote Access, Google Cloud stated:

Keep Working productively. You and your partner will continue to work productively even while you are at home. Because a company uses this tool, employees can access internal web apps to remain productive at work, using any device and wherever they are.

Retain control. You can control your company’s security because everyone will join only a network formed by Beyondcorp Remote Access. So there won’t be many apps that are used to access the company’s network, so it’s safe.

Moreover, it deployed quickly. Data dissemination will be fast. It will be faster than VPN.

Last, avoid disruption and lower the costs. The company will not interrupt data in the use of the tool, various accesses made by employees will run well.

Also, using Beyondcorp Remote Access will save a company more expenses.

In detail information and how to get it, you can visit the Google Cloud website, Visit the web, then you will be directed to the steps you can take after.