Available Now The Pico Neo 2 VR Headsets

It is big news that Pico Interactive has released the new VR headsets from the Pico Neo line. The new headsets are available now.

These two headsets, the Neo 2 and Neo 2 Eye give the main VR solutions to the enterprise market. And they are built with business in mind.

The Neo 2 VR headsets from Pico comes with 4K resolution and enterprise functionality with six degrees of freedom and built-in spatial stereo speakers. The headsets also come with a comfortable and hygienic PU face interface.

It also comes with a unique counterbalanced design for longer use. They said that they will offer big space for users who wear prescription glasses and are powered by Qualcomm Snapdragon 845 Mobile Platform with Boundless XR.

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Pico partnered with Tobii in the Neo 2 Eye version and adds eye-tracking functionality to its base model. Eye-tracking has to allow businesses to level up productivity and safety while working. And also it has to help in providing a good understanding of customer behavior and improving training efficiency.

The Neo 2 Eye has dynamic foveated rendering to help increasing framerates, battery performance, and graphics fidelity. It has power that come from Tobii Spotlight Technology to reduce shading load in few applications up to 72%.

Also, Pico has partnered with other companies for example Mozilla to bring Firefox Reality Browser to its VR headsets to give a more engaging work environment. It is something that the company needs even more so with the COVID 19 pandemic.

You can buy the Pico Neo 2 VR headset series directly from Pico. The Neo 2 priced at $699 and the Neo 2 Eye costing $899.