Apple’s Stock: iPhone 9 Officially Releases the Spec and Date of Launching?

Before, we have written about how Apple stays standing of Coronavirus, Update Coronavirus: How Apple Stays Standing in Supplying Their Products. What next will be done by Apple really attracts attention from the whole world, especially about iPhone 9’s launching. Remembering the coronavirus has given many attacks for the world, Apple also gets an impact on that. iPhone 9 planned release in February gets delay.

Recently, most of Apple’s spectators tried to find the iPhone 9’s date release. They guessed that the day will be held on 31st March alongside possible new Apple products: iPad Pro, new AirPods, and else. They assumed at the time, Apple will take the chance to launch it.
In addition, Tim Cook, the Chief Executive Officer of Apple, said that the factories have been back to, they have started fully operational. Therefore, it can be concluded, the launching’s date will be held as soon as possible.

Then, about the specification, there is much guessing out there. Some spectators attempted to find things. They guessed iPhone 9 will spec to 3GB RAM. It has an A13 chipset the same as to iPhone 11 for now. The screen is a 4.7-inch LCD display that similar to iPhone 8.

Some other specs that maybe will be are the Touch ID button (this rumor gets fifty-fifty because some others said that it, maybe, just will be a home button/fingerprint sensor), and the option whether you pick 32 GB or 64 GB of iPhone 9 ‘s storage.

Other information we got based on we observed, 9TechEleven on the twitter tweeted that:

“Posts on Weibo claim that the #iPhone9 (aka SE2) will be available in 6 colors
This is on par with the leaked Target inventory from @jon_prosser
Sources do not have a proven track record, so the level of accuracy is average
Which color do you like the most? #iPhoneSE2 #Apple”

So, the iPhone 9 is produced in some colors. It, maybe, will be black, white, red, pink, blue, and yellow. Let’s wait for the time. Then, you can pick one that will be your favorite one.

The last, for the price, will be under $400. That’s why with the specifications, the iPhone 9 is cheaper than others and really waited by Smartphone addict.