Apple Watch Series 5: The Detail Specs and The Superiorities of the Newest Series

This Apple Watch, released at the end of 2019, is a smartwatch more than worthy to accompany your days. If you have never missed an Apple Watch Series before, well, you must also have this one, Apple Watch Series 5.

The price offered is also not much different from the previous series, Apple Watch Series 3 or series 4. Series 5’s price has several plans.  there are: the base model with an aluminum case is for $ 399,  starting at $ 699 is for a stainless steel case, and $ 799 is for a watch with a titanium case and $ 499 for Apple Watch Series 5 with GPS + Cellular.

Well, to strengthen your consideration in buying Apple Watch Series 5, here, we describe the specs and the superiorities it has.

Apple Watch Series 5’s Specs

The first, Apple Watch Series 5, there are three of them. You can choose aluminum, steel, or titanium material. The size is Size 40mm 44mm. The smartwatch has water resistance until 50M. Then, the storage ups to 32GB and memory 1GB RAM.

The operating System is WatchOS 6.1 and it can stand stay to 18 hours (After full-charged). The others are you can mode it on cellular mode, having heart rate monitor, compass, barometer, gyroscope, ECG, GPS, ambient light, and having a microphone.

Apple Watch Series 5’s Superiorities

This Series 5’s display never sleeps. Because the Retina is always on, you will always be able to see your elegant watch face. Of course, you can easily and quickly find out what time is when you need it.

There are various apps. First, there is an App can monitor heart rhythm. If your heart pressure is low or high, you will find out faster if you use Apple Watch Series 5. It’s helped by the ECG app.

Besides, the App can show your heart rhythm, this smartwatch also has an app can convey how noisy your situation is. So your ears will be safe if the noise can damage your ears.

Furthermore, there is also the Cycle Tracking app. specifically; it for women will really help in reminding the period. Last, other Specialty about the series’ App is getting other apps quickly and easily from the App Store.

Like other Apple Watch, Series 5 can also be replaced with any case and band suitable with your vibe of the day. Your day will be more colorful with a choice of different straps. For example, pink, gray, or blue for showing your joy, and else.

Apple Watch also supports your sports activities. With advanced workout metrics, GPS, and water resistance up to 50 meters, you can do any exercises with Apple’s smartwatch. Plus, there are interesting things that can help you in exercising whether you have to sit a lot, stand up, or move a lot. It is indicated by an activity rings that tracks the progress of your exercise.

Next, while exercising you can listen to music and podcasts which stand stay up to battery’s 18 hours with your airpods.

Speed and accuracy. There is a great compass will sense the right direction and is assisted by GPS. Also, you can quickly make calls or send messages wherever you are. Along with the SOS Emergency and fall detection, Apple watch series 5 can be automatically detected.

Last, Apple Watch Series 5 will always be ready to show all the notifications you need. It is very cool, isn’t it?

That’s all the App Watch Series 5’s Specs and Superiorities. You can compare it to the previous App Watch Series. Based on the prices we have mentioned above and several other price plans, you can buy them suit to the budget you have or which one you prefer to.

For more detail, see them on Apple’s website,, or on the online shop officially selling Apple products, like Amazon or else.