Apple Watch SE: New Apple Watch Will be Released at a Cheaper Price

If previously Apple was rumored to be releasing Apple Watch Series 6, now, other news has come. They said that the new Apple Watch SE is in the work. Forget the Series 6. The Apple Watch SE will come at a cheaper price.

Most of them said this Apple Watch SE will match the iPhone SE which was released in March 2020. That will be true? It seems, from the name that they are a perfect match.
Well, back to the Apple Watch SE rumored to be in the work. This rumor emerged from Komiya’s Twitter (@komiya_kj) August 16th, 2020.

On the tweet, the Komiya leaker mentioned this Apple Watch SE will have a cheaper price for apple watch. This watch will come at affordable price replacing the Apple Watch Series 3 which it will get the older design of Watch Series 3.

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For the case’s Apple Watch SE, although has a better price, it will get aluminum material as Apple Watches before.

Other specs mentioned by the leaker are S6 & W4 chip, all 16 GB, Digital Crown with haptic feedback (?), Bluetooth 5.0, and international SOS calling (only cellular model).


Wow. That’s really an affordable price with awesome specs, right? It will come with S6 & W4 chip that is expected will be in Series 6 as well. Also, if the Series 3 has 8GB storage memory, Apple Watch SE will be in 16GB. What an awesome one!

Apple Watch SE has an affordable price at $199 and will be released in March 2021, as rumor said (based on Komiya’s tweet).

If you wouldn’t like to spend much for a smartwatch on your wrist, you can have this Apple Watch SE with affordable prices and awesome specs. Let’s see until Apple releases this!