Minecraft is one of the best games and has a dedicated fanbase in the hundreds of millions. And now it has got a new title in the franchise called “Minecraft Dungeons” on Tuesday.

The game comes with the classic block-building, zombie-slaying game into an entertaining adventure format. Many people may enjoy a new “Minecraft Dungeons”, but it does not have the building and crafting element of the original title.

So, maybe hardcore builders will skip the new game. The general public may value the fantasy, dungeon-exploring elements.

Minecraft Dungeons is focused on exploring dungeons and looking for adventure. And it does not like in Minecraft where you can build, mine, and customize your surroundings. Players will start short missions that can be completed in many sittings.

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You can play missions alone or in a group of up to four people. The members of the team will get some lives. It means you will have more opportunities to complete the mission. Although they are killed by dungeon bosses at first.

Many people are playing “Minecraft” while social distancing. Mojang said that in April, you can see that there was a 25% players of Minecraft joining the community and a 40% spike in multiplayer sessions compared to March.

Minecraft Dungeons have fun parts of the dungeon crawler genre such as seeking treasure chests, looting weapons, and cooperating to defeat a boss. The game, which includes fantasy violence, is appraised for players age 10 and older.

It keeps the blocky, pixelated style that “Minecraft” is known for, which reduces the effect of in-game violence. At the point when you smack a beast, it just falls over.

This recognizes the game from other famous cell crawler titles like “Diablo,” “Torchlight” and “Way of Exile,” which are gorier and rated for older.